General Information & Policies Agreement


The Grove is a private membership resort, We welcome guests, however guests must call in advance to check availability and get put on an attendance list as space is limited. All guests must call the office (706-865-6930) from our gate phone (or your cell phone) BEFORE entering the property and are required to immediately check-in at the office located next to the pool. No person under the age of 21 is allowed on Grove property or common areas.

The Grove is a CASH ONLY business.  We do NOT accept credit cards.

Guests may check-in between 9am-8pm. We do NOT accept check-ins after 8pm without PRIOR arrangement. Photo ID is required.

The Grove is a BYOB establishment and does not sell alcoholic beverages on the premises. Heavy drinking is discouraged. Members/guests will be held accountable for their actions even while under the influence of alcohol.

No glass is permitted in any common areas including The Pavilion, Clubhouse, The Big Top, The Charter House nor around the poo, hot tub or inside the pool fence.

We ask that members/guests exercise common sense and common courtesy at all times. Loud, threatening, and vulgar language, offensive intoxication, anti-social and/or predatory behavior, pushiness, and inappropriate public behavior will not be tolerated. The Grove maintains a strict NO MEANS NO policy. Please be respectful of those around you.

No electronic devices with cameras including but not limited to phones, tablets, video cameras or computer are allowed in any public area at any time.

No photography or videotaping is allowed in the Grove common areas without prior permission from management. Unauthorized photography or videotaping may result in media and film being confiscated, destroyed, and/or erased.  Violators will be banned from the Grove.

For hygiene sake, please bring a large towel to sit on at all times when nude.

Always shower before entering the pool or hot tub.

You may wear whatever clothing makes you comfortable. However, you must be nude in order to get into the pool or hot tub.

Men MUST be accompanied at all times by a couple or female when visiting the Charter House or Little Charter House.

Smoking is NOT allowed in Grove buildings, accommodations, in the hot tub or pool or on the concrete surrounding them.  Ashtrays are provided.

The Grove speed limit is 12mph. Please drive carefully, and watch for pedestrians and animals.

Campfires are not permitted except in fire rings.

Members/guests are liable for any special clean up and/or property damage.

Fireworks, illegal drugs, firearms or weapons of any kind are not allowed in the Grove common areas.

Pets are allowed in camping areas only and must be leashed and well-behaved. They are not allowed in the pavilion, clubhouse, and pool area. As a responsible pet owner, do not let your dog bark incessantly or dig, and please clean up after your pet!

Members/guests agree that visitation to the Grove is for their own personal and private purposes, and they will not solicit others for any illegal purpose. Further, visitation is not for purposes of any official or legal investigation, or reporting to any news agency.

Guests are required to visit the Grove at least three times as a guest prior to applying for membership. Membership is at the discretion of management.

The Grove reserves the right to add or modify rules at any time without notice. Members/guests are subject to the rules as modified or amended.

The Grove reserves the right to ban members/guests for violating any of its policies. The Grove also reserves the right to deny and/or revoke membership without notice and/or refund. Membership and visitation are privileges subject to cancellation at any time with or without cause.